Pedro Poveda Foundation - Chinautla (Guatemala)

  • Local partner Pedro Poveda Foundation
  • Financing Fondos propios
  • Dates 09-09-2018

This project aims at addressing the need to facilitate the right to education which affects the Chinaultla community, which has a high index of extreme poverty and violence.

  • A plan that aims at sensitizing and forming 156 teachers in 9 public schools in the area of Chinautla with the purpose of deepening in the awareness of the role of an educator, and the need to use methodologies which promote the need to have spaces to reflect, to have leisure activities and where all participate guided by the principles of gender-based equity , human rights , the environment and interculturality.
  • Two educational programs aimed at public school students in situations of special vulnerability, School Support Program –PAE, one of them specifically addresses boys, girls, and youth who are excluded from the educational systems, Tutorial Program –PAT. In total, 1325 girls, boys and adolescents are being served.