Josefa Segovia Foundation - Davao (Philippiness)

  • Local partner Josefa Segovia Foundation
  • Financing Fondos propios
  • Dates 04-11-2018

This project has as its objective the advancement of the respect and protection of the social, cultural and political rights of 5 indigenous populations in Davao City (Bagobo-Tagabawa, Bagobo-Klata, Ubo-Manovu, Matigsalug-Manuvo and Ata)

In order to defend their socio-cultural rights, the conservation and acknowledgement of the traditions and cultural traditions of the five indigenous populations, are promoted. The capacities of representatives of the indigenous populations are strengthened, so that they will be able to defend and promote their indigenous rights as they deal with local Government. Indigenous women are given support so that they can be empowered and know their rights so as to be able to participate in the social and political spaces where the indigenous communities make their decisions.